The MUSEUM AT THE YSER is a museum with a message. This message is PEACE, FREEDOM AND TOLERANCE and the idea that violence never brings peace.

You can visit the Museum at the Yser on your own, or you can do so with a guide/tower watchman.

  • Guide: € 60.00 - duration: 2 hours – the guide accompanies the group on the site and through all floors of the museum.
  • Tower watchman: € 30.00 - duration: 1 hour – the tower watchman gives explanations at some places on the site and in the museum, but does not accompany the group through all floors of the museum.

The guides/tower watchmen express the message of the museum and are so to speak our ambassadors. To help them with this task they are of course regularly informed about the activities in and around the museum. We also regularly invite distinguished speakers who interpret certain themes.