The Yser Pilgrimage is first and foremost a remembrance full of piety of the fallen front soldiers of ’14-’18 and of all victims of war and violence. The message of the Yser is tested against current events, and the Flemish Parliament – as legitimate representative of the entire Flemish community – is offered the chance to contribute a message.

All Flemish people are welcome at the Yser pilgrimage. Annually, the Yser Pilgrimage brings a balanced message of Peace – Freedom – Tolerance, and it is a ceremony of the entire Flemish community.

The rescheduling of the Yser Pilgrimage from late August to 11 November (since 2013) is the logical consequence of the return to the origins which started some years ago, and of the recent re-profiling of this honourable manifestation, which had evolved OVER and BECAUSE OF the course of history into a political contest, as a serene remembrance of the fallen Flemish front soldiers; by extension of all the fallen, Flemish and Walloon, soldiers and civilians, during the Great War; by further extension of ALL victims of war and violence, anywhere in the world.

No more war, Nooit meer oorlog, Plus jamais de guerre, Nie wieder Krieg: this heartfelt cry of the front soldiers is and remains the engine of our activities, our thoughts and actions. This is because peace is not static. Peace is more than a temporary period without war, peace is not obvious; no, just like ‘love’, ‘peace’ is a verb.