Museum at the Yser

The ‘Museum at the Yser’ with its 22 floors, brings the enduring story of the Belgian-German confrontation during the First World War on the one hand, and of the Flemish emancipation on the other. With the motto ‘What remains of life? What remains of the land?’ the entirely renovated ‘Museum at the Yser’, which opened its doors in February 2014, emphasises the idea and culture of peace.

What remains of life?

refers to the impact of the war on everyone, both soldiers and civilians. How do soldiers try to have as normal a life as possible at the front? What do people take with them when they have to flee the violence of war? How do solders at the front try to handle the horrors of war, once they have returned home?... For all these questions the ‘Museum at the Yser’ offers an answer. The peace theme is also included for each question and for each answer.

What remains of the land?

refers to the countless scars left in the surrounding landscape by the Great War. Today, where can we still find traces of the war which raged in this part of the world? What impact did the war have on this region? ‘What remains of the land’ also refers to the Belgian patriotism at the start of the First World War, and to the Flemish Nationalism and the Flemish Movement during and after WWI.

Unique view over the entire front region!

From the panorama hall or from the roof terrace, 275 feet high above ‘Flanders Fields, you have a unique view over the entire front region, from Nieuwpoort to Passchendaele, Ypres, Poperinge and Ploegsteert.