Museum aan de IJzer

    The Yser, Our Last Hope

    Tenir Dixmude, Nach Calais, The battle of the Yser

    The Battle of the Yser took place 100 years ago near Diksmuide. The fighting around Diksmuide in October 1914 changed the course of events in WW1.  The battle marked the end of the open war and the beginning of four years of trench warfare. In the exhibition ‘The Yser, Our Last Hope’, we bring together the historic opponents once again at the Museum aan de IJzer. We show the prelude to the Battle of the Yser, the circumstances in which the battle happened and the consequences for the rest of the war.

    We close the exhibition with the story of Christmas 1914 in Diksmuide. In the exhibition, a German officer, Major Anderson, is carrying the original monstrance that was given to the Belgian soldiers at Christmas 1914 as a sign of reconciliation.